30 days Salad Swap

Final call: Swap without sacrifice & save.

The Fresh Express 30-Day Salad Swap lets you recreate the flavors of your favorite higher calorie foods, like cheesy pizza and creamy pasta, in lower calorie salads. Swap one meal a day for a month and you'll not only feel better, you'll earn money-saving coupons all along the way. But start now — we're in our final month!

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Img01 1030 Calories
Img02 510 Calories*

Match the flavors. Drop the calories.

Love creamy pasta? Then you'll love Fresh Express Salad with Creamy Pasta. Same flavor profile, 520 fewer calories. Or maybe it's a hot, buttery grilled cheese that starts you salivating. Well, then, you'll want to swap it for a scrumptious Toasted Cheese Wheel Salad and save 500 calories.

The App.

The Fresh Express Salad Swap app has a complete, at-your-fingertips guide to smarter eating and better living.

  • Get great salad recipes with the same flavor profiles as your favorite foods.
  • Access the complete Fresh Express recipe library.
  • Track your meals, calories, activities and more.
  • Save money. The more salad you swap, the more money-saving coupons you get.

The Salad Swap App is available via website, iOS and Google Play.

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The Savings.

  • Enter the bag codes from Fresh Express salads into your Salad Swap account.
  • For every two bags you enter—up to 14 bags in 30 days—we'll email you a money-saving coupon. *
  • Enter 15 salad bag codes within 30 days after signing up and get $50 in coupons to use throughout the year.
Salad products

* Coupons valid in the US only.

Our Salad Swap Specialists.

For you to succeed with the 30-Day Salad Swap, our recipes can't merely be lower-cal, they have to be high-flavor. So we asked two experts who approach food from different but complementary perspectives to work together to create recipes that don't skimp on either priority.

Img photo01

Chef Britney Ruby Miller

Britney was raised around food. Grew up working in her father's highly popular fine dining restaurants. So it was no surprise when, after college, she went off to the Midwest Culinary Institute and trained to become a chef. It was there she became an enthusiastic advocate for superior quality, flavor-rich, whole foods. Today, her passion for creating the highest quality, fresh, healthy-yet-flavorful dishes is matched only by her commitment to share them with home cooks, foodies, anyone who loves to prepare or eat superior cuisine. Britney lives with her husband and their three children in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Visit Britney’s site >
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Jessica Fishman Levinson, MS, RD, CDN

Jessica is a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of her own nutrition consulting and counseling practice. Before starting her own business, she was a nutrition editor at Everyday Health, Inc., helping develop content and meal plans for health authorities like Ellie Krieger and Jillian Michaels. Jessica has extensive credentials as a nutrition speaker and blogger; she's also co-author of a children's cookbook. She's appeared on countless TV programs and written for many publications, including Glamour, Fitness, and Woman’s Day. Jessica lives in Westchester, New York with her husband and twin daughters.

Visit Jessica’s site >


It's a program that makes it easy for you to swap a favorite higher calorie food for a lower calorie Fresh Express Salad that matches the flavor. Swapping one meal a day for 30 days will help you feel better. Our free app and website gives you access to Salad Swap recipes; allows you to track your meals, calories and exercise; let's you earn coupons; and more.
United States citizens only. Not intended for children under 13 years of age.
No, it’s free!
Sign up on any device you like at www.30daysaladswap.com
Look for us in most major grocery retailers. To find a store near you, look here.
We produce a wide variety of field fresh mixes, kits, organics and slaws. For our full product lineup visit our website.
To receive coupons, enter the bag codes from your Fresh Express salad purchases into your Salad Swap account.  For every two bags you enter—up to 14 bags in 30 days—we'll email you a money-saving coupon. Enter 15 salad bag codes within 30 days after you sign up and we'll send you $50 in coupons to use all year.
No. Any and all Fresh Express products help you earn!
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